Our Mission is to unlock growth.

We want to release the full potential of organisations and every individual in it. We are applying evidence-based methods to develop and implement strategy. We deliver our results in radical creative collaboration.

Love is the only strategy.

We want to create a better version of the world we are being part of. That includes ourselves, our clients, our relationships, the science we use, the marketing we believe in, the content we create, the interactions we have. Our vision is a human-centred, collaborative, and creative workspace.

This is how we work.

Our culture is formed by all our actions and reactions. Especially, when nobody is watching. That’s why culture does eat strategy for breakfast. Any day.

We are radical collaborators:

We make all our knowledge and skills accessible to colleagues and clients.
We say what needs to be said. With a cold head and a warm heart.
We expect maximum transparency.
We do not hide behind confusing slides or fancy words.
No bullshit! We believe in the wisdom of the crowd.

We have a Growth Mindset:

We give and take feedback. We own it. We reflect on it. It’s the main source of growth.
We are extremely candid if needed at the costs of politeness. But never at the cost of respect.
We learn and unlearn constantly.
We seek challenges because we dream with determination.
We find lesson and inspiration in the success of others.

We are exploring the unknown:

We stay at the frontier in our domains as true creativity is based on knowledge.
We know that new thinking requires psychological safety and creative friction. That is no contradiction.
We explore the blind spots of ourselves and help colleagues and clients to discover theirs.
We build efficient teams because it’s dangerous to go alone. Take this! =|===>

We are driven by facts:

We make fast decisions based on facts. The better argument wins.
We respect the expert opinion more than rank or status or even gender.
We create structures that facilitate problem discovery, insight generation and solution implementation.

We do not need to balance life and work:

We have a human-centred approach to everything we do.
We don't manage time, we manage goals.
Finally, we don’t work with assholes. At the same time, we are no social club. Friendship is no prerequisite for good results. But it often comes when we are able to bring our whole self to work.